4 Reasons to Use a Bail Bond to Get Out of Jail

If you’ve been arrested and cannot fathom coming up with all of the money needed to post bond, what do you do?  Do you simply sit in jail and let life takes its toll at this point? Rather than succumb to jail life, why not call for bail bonds near me to help you bond out? A bondsman is your friend in the time of need and can help you quickly get out of jail. Read below to learn four of the many reasons you should use the services of a bail bondsman to get out of jail.

1- Less Money

Bondsman charge just 10% of the bond amount, in addition to a small bondsman fee. Rather than coming up with $5,000 to post a bond, you’ll need just $500 to post bond with a bail bondsman. Some bondsmen even accept property bonds when the cash is unavailable.

2- Get Out of Jail Fast

It can take hours to process you out of jail when paying a bond through the courts. When a bondsman is on the case, however, you can expect to get in and out of jail in the fastest time frame possible. Nothing is more important when you are locked up and want to get out.

3- Save Yourself Embarrassment

It can be very embarrassing when a night has gotten out of hand and you end up in jail as the result. However, bonding out quickly alleviates some of the embarrassment and the number of people who will learn of the arrest.

4- They Know the Laws

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It is very scary to get arrested, especially if it is your first time. However, when a bonding agent is beside you, there is greater peace of mind. They regularly bond people out of jail and are familiar and comfortable with the laws. This gives you the assurance needed during this difficult time.

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