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Why ElyCards over Standard Greeting Cards?

When you can't be with a friend or a relative on a special occasion, or at a time when they could use a little support, a greeting card is a great way to let them know they are in your thoughts.

Unfortunately, we are all more busy now than ever before, so it's tough to find time to buy greeting cards at the places where they are sold, then find postage and a place to mail them. Plus, have you seen the cost of holiday cards and greeting cards lately?

With ElyCards, you can send a real greeting card in just minutes, without ever leaving your home. And your card will arrive at its destination in just one day – or it's free. The all-inclusive price for the card and shipping is just $1.99.

Online Cards Just Aren't the Same

Sure, you can send an online card from home as well. But there's something more impressive about a card that can be held by the recipient, and displayed in their home after it is read.

If you are sending a card to someone who may not be comfortable with online technology, or anyone with an aggressive spam filter, your digital eCard might never be read at all. Why not send them a real greeting card that will arrive in the mailbox, like a special present?

Hundreds of Cards You Can Personalize

ElyCard offers a wide range of card choices for every occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, "Get well" wishes, "Thinking of you" sentiments, graduations – plus cards for all of the holidays.

Once you've found a greeting card you like, you can personalize it by writing your own special message inside – something that will mean much more to your recipient than the standard verse printed in store-bought cards.

Send Greeting Cards in One Day – Or Pay Nothing

With our advanced technology, we can print and email your card the same day it is ordered, and have it delivered in 1 - 2 mailing days. Our proprietary process lets you save up to 80% of the fuel and carbon footprint required to mail your own cards.